Caring for me and all my needs


Holistic dentistry puts the patient and their overall health at the heart of any treatment. The teeth and jaw are considered as part of the body as a whole, with all interdependencies factored in. Homoeopathy is a treatment philosophy, which – unlike scientific medicine (allopathy) – seeks to treat the patient in a holistic way that reflects their specific needs. The idea is to boost low energy levels and strengthen a weakened immune system so that the body can heal itself. Foreign substances (e.g. mercury from amalgam fillings) and chronic infections (focal occurrences) weaken the system. The aim of our treatment is to diagnose and cure these issues.

Coaching sessions for healthy teeth

Take a leaf out of our book: prevention is better than cure

Individual advice

Observing the complex human being as an entire organism

Holistic examination

An in-depth inspection of a person’s teeth in conjunction with personal advice on a one-to-one basis

Detailed plan of treatment including costs

From diagnosis, dental care, treatment planning to overall costs