Coaching sessions for healthy teeth


There is worldwide consensus that teaching people about professional mouth hygiene and teeth cleaning is the be-all and end-all of dentistry in the future. The treatment includes clarifying the latest techniques in dental care, making plaque visible, thorough removal of teeth discolouring from all accessible plaque – even in those areas which are under the gum line. Specially trained staff carry out oral hygiene in our dental practice. The therapy takes on average, three to four hours. This treatment is intended to keep the patient’s teeth and gums healthy and attractive.

Coaching sessions for healthy teeth

Take a leaf out of our book: timely prevention is better than cure

Individual advice

Observing patients as a whole

Holistic examination

An in-depth inspection of a person’s teeth in conjunction with personal advice on a one-to-one basis

Detailed plan of treatment including costs

From diagnosis, dental care, treatment planning to overall costs