Bioaesthetic dentistry

This specialist field deals with correcting imperfect or faulty teeth.

Prophylaxis and teeth cleaning

Oral hygiene and details on how to clean teeth properly are at the core of healthy teeth.

Implants and aftercare

Our specialist training as well as long-term experience in this field provide the basis for successful dental implants.

Non-invasive periodontal treatment

Healthy gums are the basis of an attractive mouth.



Detailed overview: Bioaesthetics and holistic dentistry


The centres of excellence in this bioaesthetic dental practice include bleaching, prophylaxis, implantology, aesthetic dentures, non-invasive treatment of periodontitis as well as plastic micropractice.

The second pillar of expertise is made up of holistic dentistry, most especially homeopathy and allopathy, the use of bio-compatible materials as well as paediatric dentistry. Dr Emmerich is specialised in periodontology and has long-term experience in dentures which not only look and work perfectly, but are aesthetically pleasing too.