Range of services


Aesthetic and reconstructive dental treatment

For us reconstructive dental treatment means the reconstruction of teeth, either with gold or ceramic fillings, with veneers, ceramic crowns or metal-ceramic crowns and bridges. It is very important for us that we offer you only the best functional and aesthetic solution. Of course, we use only tested and biological materials.

In order to provide the highest precision and durability of the filings and crowns, we use the aid of a magnifying glass during preparation of the teeth, throughout the technical procedures in the dental laboratory and during every step up to completion. For the treatment of our patients, nothing but the best is good enough.

Prophylaxis and bleaching

Indisputably, professional oral-hygiene instruction and cleaning are essential for the dentistry of the future. Education about the latest dental care options, visualization of plaque, thorough removal of stains and any discoloration on all accessible areas of the tooth (even those areas under the gum’s edge) – all these are part of the treatment.

In our practice, dental hygiene treatment is carried out by specially trained staff. On average, the time required for the treatment is about three to four hours. This treatment is used for maintaining the health and beauty of your teeth and periodontal apparatus. The periodontal apparatus consists of the gums, the connective tissue and the bony structures.



29-12-10_248(41).jpgDental implant

New quality of life due to implants

Implants are biocompatible and artificial dental roots made of titanium. After a period of healing, aesthetic and functionally fixed dentures can be anchored on them. Our specialized training and years of experience are the basis for success of the implant treatment. The ITI Straumann Swiss system and its exact method of insertion provide us with high success rates. A long-lasting implant is ensured by through after-treatment in our dental office.

With implants, no prosthesis is necessary in case of tooth loss. If there are dentures already, fixed teeth are also possible. Implants will give you back your quality of life.


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Gentle gum treatment

Healthy gums are not only important for the conservation of teeth, but they are also the prerequiste for an aesthetically appealing mouth. The goals of the treatment include the thorough removal of deep-seated plaque, the elimination of disturbing filings and crowns edges and the restoration of the bone and the soft tissue to a healthy state.

In the case of severe bone loss, we have the possibility of reconstructing the bone with the help of the guided tissue regeneration (GTR). Today, gum treatment is a virtually pain-free procedure as we use special ultrasound instruments from the USA.


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Holistic dentistry

Holistic dentistry places people and their total health at the centre of a treatment. Teeth and the jaw are considered as part of the entire individual by taking into account all the effects of change in the organism. As opposed to conventional medicine (allopathy), homeopathy is a medicine-based therapy which helps treat the entire person individually.



Pediatric dentistry and relaxing techniques

Our aim is to turn your child’s visit to the dentist into a pleasant and positive experience. We want your child’s consent for the treatment. We do not drill, we clean, purify and cleanse the teeth. We tell stories in which we incorporate all the sounds in a positive way.

In addition, the “confusion technique” is one of the most effective methods of modern clinical hypnosis. In this way, your child is in a relaxed state during the dental treatment. The relaxed state also helps adults relax during longer treatments.


MCOR – Munich Center of Oral Rehabilitation

Patients who suffer from phobias of the dentist or who require renovation of a strong bite, have to be treated in our practice after they have been sedated (twilight sleep) by inhaling anesthesia under the direction of our experienced team of anesthetists – “Beautiful teeth while you gently sleep.”



Macro close up of perfect teeth.

After-treatment and recall

In addition to all these sophisticated treatments and methods, after-care and prevention occupy a prominent position. A laser detector helps us detect cavities early. It is very difficult to clean the teeth in such a way as to reach all the niches and parts that are difficult to access.

Our team regularly looks after your teeth in order to prevent cavities, recurring gum diseases and tooth decay. This is the only method, proven by global studies, to maintain your teeth until old age.