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We run a sustainable dental cosmetic dentistry based on values.
For us this means:

It is very important to offer modern, up-to-date dentistry to our patients. Precision and aesthetics during the treatment are extremely important to us.

Holistic method
Our aim is to never forget the whole complex human being just because of a clinical symptom. After all, problems in the oral, jaw and face area can influence general diseases.

Due to our extraordinary know-how, we are able to offer a wide range of services to our patients in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Profile and Education

Since 2004 self-employed in private dental surgery

June 2006 Foundation of the SMILE CARE for India association
(dental aid project in India)
2004-2014 Advanced education in the field of Aesthetic and Holistic Dentistry
2012 reconstruction and renovation of dental practice according to RKI guidelines and standards
2013 establishment of MCOR – Munich Center of Oral Rehabilitation
2007 certification for dentists in quality management
With emphases on: Aesthetic Dentistry, Holistic Dentistry, Implantology, Parodontology, Pediatric Dentistry

Professional Education

Dr. Oltmanns dental surgery 2004, Hamburg
Focus: Aesthetic Dentistry
Dr. Lindenmeier dental surgery 2002-2003
Focus: Hollistic Dentistry
Dr. Stengl dental surgery 1999-200 and Dr. Knöbl dental surgery
2000-2002 Munich -
Focus: Natural Dentures
Dr. Zimmer dental surgery 2001
Focus: Parodontology
Dr. Nieberler dental surgery and Klinik der Barmherzigen Brüder
1999-2000, Munich
Focus: Dental Surgery
Dr. Cheryl Butz dental surgery 1997-1998, Munich
Focus: Pediatric Dentistry

Tertiary Education

Doctorate 2000
License to practice dental medicine 1999
Study of Dentistry at Regensburg University 1993-1999


Interviews in various TV-shows (2005) e.g.  Treatments for children,
Holistic and aesthetic dentistry, doctoral thesis (2000)
Journal of Immunology (1998), Journal of Rheumatology (1998)

Since 2006 Smile care for India e.V. (medical project in India)
Since 2014 Brienner Quartier e.V.