Social Commitment

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“It is not enough to be willing;
we must also do.” - J.W.v. Goethe

“I will never forget the image of a leprosy patient with maimed hands, nor the hug from a street child. Before my trip to Calcutta, I thought I would have the right to be concerned about my existing essential fears. I was ashamed and filled with humility at how open-heartedly, people have laughed at me in this country. My own fears have made me blind to the essentials. I will now change this.” Dr. med. Tatjana Josefine Emmerich, founder and board member

Quote: Patron – Zubin Mehta:

“I embrace all the people who, like the doctors from Smile Care for India, provide such a wonderful help selflessly for the children of my homeland, and I wish them to have great support. Bravo!”

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Zahnarztpraxis_Tati_08.11.2013-37320 Caring for the underprivileged
At the dental practice, after a professional teeth cleaning, I give away small hand-made (fair-trade) bags from Calcutta. The production of these handicrafts is the livelihood of the needy in Calcutta.


More Actions

Exhibition benefiting SMILE CARE FOR INDIA

I have organized two art openings in May 2012, once at the Benediktbeuren Monastery and once at the dental practice.
Watercolors in Benediktbeuren from Huber
Oil and nude paintings by Renata von Hoessle
100% of proceeds go to SMILE CARE FOR INDIA

In addition, with the patient’s consent, I will donate all the scrap gold collected from the practice to the SMILE CARE FOR INDIA project.

Planning for 2014

Fotolia_56500203_S Malteser Emergency Service e.V.
Department of the City of Munich
Archdiocese of Munich and FreisingIt is imperative to carry out regular professional dental hygiene or control of functional dentition, especially for people suffering from dementia. That is why I appreciate that the AL MATA daycare offers training on oral hygiene as part of their family and nursing staff training. The daytime office will be open the beginning of 2014 and information evenings on the subject are planned in mid-2014. With regards to an increasingly aging society, this is certainly an essential element. 


For May 2014
A private exhibition with Indian images is in preparation for the 10th anniversary of the dental practice.